Submitting Graphics

Important Note

In order to provide site security, we will only accept electronic requests for site changes from the PRIMARY E-MAIL ADDRESSES which we have on file.

Submitting Graphics

Graphics may be submitted in the following electronic formats: JPG [preferred for web], EPS, AI, PDF, GIF, BMP Other formats: We accept many other formats but may needto discuss other issues involved with their transmission and/or adaptation. We prefer to have the "most original" copy of your graphics as possible [within limits].. Do not drastically downsize graphics to final size. Extremely large graphics for web development may be reduced to approximately 1200x1200 pixels to reduce transmission time. Files in excess of 1mb may be uploaded to us via our website, please call for instructions. Please attach these types of files to an E-mail message and send to Please remember to cite the complete URL of the page or pages to which the graphic belongs and include any special instructions. Larger files may also be uploaded to our FTP server at: You MUST e-mail us after uploading to inform us that the files are uploaded and cite the complete URL of the page or pages to which the graphic belongs and include any special instructions. QGM has advanced scanning & graphics capture capabilities, allowing us professionally scan, modify, and use existing hard copy graphics. The preferred format is: Color or B&W original photographs We can also work with high quality color reproductions, such as brochures, catalogs, etc. Send this information to QGM at: QGM Torello Marketing 215 essex Plaza Essex, CT 06426


Please make sure that you have the right to include any submission at your web site. QGM does not review or otherwise check on copyright issues; this is your responsibility and/or potential liability. Please note that we will not knowingly participate in copyright infringement. In order to protect all of our clients, any data submitted electronically as an attached file or via disk is thoroughly checked for viruses. Any data found to be infected will be immediately deleted. QGM accepts no responsibility for delays or other damages due to this possibility. Repeated transmission of virus containing information will result in a blanket non-acceptance of e-mail from your e-mail address. The above information is intended to standardize and simplify the exchange of information between you and QGM. If you have any questions, or are confused by any of the above procedures, please let us know and we will be glad to help.